Essjay Consulting Engineers is a multi-disciplinary building services consulting service.

Essjay Consulting Engineers offer bespoke and efficient engineering design solutions for the complete range of building services.

Backed by our passion for immaculate design and our commitment to providing sensible, sustainable and superlative building design services to our clients, we have quickly established ourselves as a trusted name in the industry.

We achieve stellar results for our clients by working with them every step of the way, providing custom solutions and a flexible approach.

Here at Essjay, we believe that by developing the skills of our people constantly, building long-term relationships with clients and through our commitment to make every project a success, we help our clients in realising their potential.

Essjay Consulting Engineers

Our History

Founded by Suju James, a registered Building Practitioner (EE) and an active member of Engineers Australia. Suju has over 22 years of experience in the building services industry.

Tony Robertson (building services engineering Guru) is Suju James’ mentor since 2007 and he is the mentor of Essjay Consulting Engineers as well.

Having dabbled in an array of roles from project lead to director, Suju has gained expertise in multiple aspects of the industry including project management, business development, design and documentation and delivery of building services.

Over the years, Suju has developed a deep knowledge and expertise in every aspect of different building services including Civil, Structural Services and Sustainability.

Building Services Consultant

What We Offer

We provide a wide range of engineering services to building, infrastructure and land development projects across Australia.

We offer a customised service to either work standalone or we can even come together as an efficient multi-disciplinary team for your project.

We undertake projects of all sizes across an array of sectors including hospitality, shopping centres, medical centres, nursing homes, education, land development, residential, commercial, industrial and mixed-use developments.

ESSJAY operates with a group of experienced, passionate, professional & qualified consultants/engineers/modellers.

The team of multi discipline engineers work together in offering complete engineering solutions ranging from electrical, fire protection, hydraulic, mechanical, vertical transportation to environmentally sustainable designs.


Suju James is a member of Engineers Australia, National Engineering Register Australia (NER), Registered Building Practitioner in Victoria (RBP), Registered Professional Engineer of Queensland(RPEQ).

“Twenty-two years of extensive experience in the building services industry”

Our Mission

To provide:

Expert Sincere Sustainable Judicious Advise to You

for all your building services engineering requirements.

Our Vision

To be industry leaders in quality, innovation and service; from estimating to delivery.

Our Values

Essjay Consulting Engineers is built on the following IPE values:

  • Integrity – Delivering Services with Integrity
  • Passion – Being passionate about client needs, applying the latest technologies in the design
  • Excellence – Delivering services which become the epitome of excellence