Essjay Engineering Consultants
Fire Protection

Keeping people in your building safe and protecting them from the hazards of fire is one of the biggest responsibilities for any business. With mastery in every aspect of fire protection engineering, emergency planning, security system design and building and fire codes, our team is here to ensure our clients realise their operational goals and architectural vision whilst meeting their responsibilities.

We specialise in:

  • Master Plan evaluation and design of Site Fire Water Reticulation
  • Fire Tank and Pump design
  • Fire Hydrant and Hose Reel systems
  • Fire Sprinkler systems
  • Gas Suppression systems
  • Fire Detection and Warning Control Systems
  • Multipoint Aspirating Smoke Detection Systems (MASDS)
  • Emergency Warning and Inter-Communication Systems (EWIS)
  • Building Occupant Warning Systems (BOWS)
  • Smoke Hazard Management
  • Portable Fire extinguishers
  • Authority and Regulatory Advice and Liaison

Capabilities & Services