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Essjay is a One-Stop-Shop for all Building Engineering Services in Australia

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Building Engineering Services

Essjay offers a complete range of building engineering services. As your building engineering consultants, we can help with electrical, mechanical, hydraulics, vertical transportation, fire protection and sustainability.

Our accredited electrical design engineers and mechanical design engineers have years of experience in designing new and refurbished properties across Australia.

One-stop-shop for building engineering services, we assure you of:

Specialised buildings team assigned to your project.

  • A dedicated project manager who works with you at every stage of the project.
  • A team that works seamlessly with your designs.
  • Assured quality compliance..
  • Choose from different options so you get exactly what you need.
  • Friendly, professional, trained staff that excels at customer service.
  • Eco-sustainable development principles across all engineering decisions.

Here’s a look at all of our services.

Electrical Services

Leveraging the latest technology and software, our professionals deliver custom solutions to ensure optimal efficiency and maximum reliability of systems and equipment.

Our electrical consulting engineers understand the current trends, commercial landscape and the demand for minimising energy consumption, carbon emissions and running costs.

Mechanical Services

HVAC systems are designed to help maintain the indoor air quality through appropriate ventilation and filtration for optimal thermal comfort. HVAC systems consume a lot of energy in buildings, so its important to choose and design an efficient HVAC system that provides comfort in a space whilst keeping costs down.

We have years of expertise in designing complex and large HVAC systems using the latest technologies.

Vertical Transportation

Vertical transportation systems are a key element in the smooth operation of a building and for the maximum comfort of the building’s occupants. When designing your vertical transportation systems, our engineers look at an array of factors including your requirements, the type of development, occupancy levels and elevator cabin capacity to build a solution that’s cost-effective, energy efficient and maximises the available space.


Climate change and population growth are two factors that impact Australia’s water usage and future consumption. At Essjay, we have crafted a specialised solution that includes the latest advances and technology.

Using the latest software and computational tools allows us to provide innovative solutions in Hydraulics engineering, on-site storage and waste water recycling.

Our hydraulics engineers are keen on understanding the hydraulic principles that govern each project to deliver excellent value to our clients during the planning and design stage of the project.

Fire Protection

Essjay’s fire engineers work with clients, local authorities, design teams, corporate insurers and fire brigades to design fool-proof fire protection solutions and performance plans whilst meeting all local, national and international standards, codes and regulations.

We keep up with the ever-evolving building regulations and codes to deliver the very best and highly efficient fire protection services. Backed by our in-depth knowledge and computational fire modelling, we are able to build quality solutions for:

  • Fire suppression systems
  • Fire detection & alarm systems
  • Alternative solutions for compliance to building code
  • Evacuation strategies & exit requirements


Essjay offers an array of integrated sustainability solutions to help improve economic, environmental and social performance of developments. Our approach helps organisations and stakeholders to quantify and manage their effect on the natural environment and adapt to evolving climatic conditions.

We bring together innovative approaches, creative ideas and integrated solutions to deliver sustainable, cost-effective solutions for your project. Our service covers the complete project life cycle, from initiation and approval to documentation, building and operation for:

  • Green building design
  • Climate change and sustainability
  • Alternative energy solutions
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Modifying existing buildings
  • Dynamic modelling and simulation

Talk to Us Today

As your engineering consultants, we are here to deliver a solution that will maximise efficiency and minimise costs whilst delivering lasting results.

Here at Essjay, we take the time to listen to our clients’ requirements. That allows us to come good on your expectations, complete your project on time and deliver the desired results.

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