Building Services Consultant

What is the Meaning of Consulting Services?

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Building Services Consultant

A consulting service is a business that provides expert advice to people in a specific field. Specifically, the role of a building services consulting engineering company is to advise their client about all aspects of the services associated with the building engineering.

What is a consulting service?

A business that provides expert advice to its customers.

Who is a Building consultant?

A consultant is a professional who’s an expert in a particular field who gives professional advice to individuals and businesses in their area of expertise.

In essence, a building engineering consulting services company is a company that has a team of qualified engineers with varied backgrounds and extensive experience. A consulting service can plan, design and bring your building project to life.

Building services consultants are in charge of the design and documentation of crucial aspects of a building project, which includes Electrical, Mechanical, Hydraulics, Fire, Civil and Structural. Environmentally sustainable design is an inevitable part of a building design. Building services engineering consultants work closely with architects and other construction experts to produce a wide range of buildings from homes, schools to offices and commercial complexes.

What the Building Services Engineers Do? 

Buildings consume a lot of energy and materials. They contribute more than 25% of Australia’s CO2 emissions. Building engineers take it upon themselves to create a more sustainable environment. In addition to designing a building service that works, a consultant will look for ways to minimise the energy consumption whilst lowering its impact on the environment.

The building services engineers play a critical role in sustainability, it is very important to involve them in the very early stages of building design.

Their service has a direct impact on the shape and orientation of a building. Moreover, a consultant can make the most of the local conditions whilst maximising renewable technologies.

When builders and architects face technical hurdles, or when buildings need improved performance, consulting engineers can help with the entire framework such as construction details, design analysis and future structural support. When you hire a building services consultant, you can expect critical information and feedback such as design weaknesses and material limitations – the kind of insight that can optimise the entire project.

Functions of a Consulting Engineer

Here are some of the functions performed by our consulting engineers in Victoria:

  • Feasibility study and report.
  • Preparing, designing or assessing structural designs and drawings.
  • Preparing, designing or assessing services designs and drawings
  • Inviting and reviewing tenders.
  • Supervising building works and ensuring the highest standards of performance.
  • Advising on alteration and maintenance of existing buildings.
  • Provide advice on inter-related matters like choosing plant and equipment including elevators etc.
  • Be familiar with modern advancements in construction developments and have in-depth knowledge of Quality Management, relevant Australian standards and Practices.

Selecting a Building Services Consultant Engineer

It is very important to select/appoint the right consultant for your project.

As a minimum, the Consulting engineer should be

  • Academically and technically qualified.
  • Well experienced.
  • Locally experienced
  • Registered with VBA
  • Insured for the appropriate limits as applicable.
  • Very importantly ensure the value for money.

Need a Right Consultant?

As your consulting engineers, ESSJAY CONSULTING ENGINEERS are well experienced, well known in the industry, licensed professionals with diverse qualifications including Electrical, Mechanical, Hydraulic & Fire Services, Civil & Structural and Environmental Sustainable Design. As a building services consultant in Melbourne, we design all elements of building services to bring it to life whether it’s small or big.

Our building services engineers take pride in working as part of your team, enjoy problem-solving and have an analytical bent. With strong capabilities in computer-aided design (CAD), modelling software and drawings, our specialists are here to present solutions that meet your requirements and exceed expectations.

Here at Essjay, we have many years of experience in providing building services consulting. Get in touch with us today to discuss your project. Call 03 9017 3744 or email [email protected] today!

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